Music Together® Mixed Age On-Demand Videos

Miriam Hack
Online (location info)
Mon - Sun, Anytime
01/04/21 - 03/30/21 (12 weeks)


Is your schedule a little crazy & you find it difficult to commit to attending a specific time each week? Then this option is for you. The program will consist of two pre-recorded class videos posted each week in a private Facebook group. Families will be able to view the videos at their own convenience and can view them repeatedly.  The videos will each be 20-25 minutes in length to keep in line with best practices for screen time for children. The session will consist of 10 weeks of videos, but in order to assist families with unpredictable schedules and changes as a result of the pandemic, we will keep the classes available for a total of 12 weeks. We hope that this flexibility will assist many families to find a way to bring music into their homes this winter.

Upcoming Meetings
01/25/21    Anytime Monday 01/25/21 Anytime
01/26/21    Anytime Tuesday 01/26/21 Anytime
01/27/21    Anytime Wednesday 01/27/21 Anytime
01/28/21    Anytime Thursday 01/28/21 Anytime
01/29/21    Anytime Friday 01/29/21 Anytime
01/30/21    Anytime Saturday 01/30/21 Anytime
01/31/21    Anytime Sunday 01/31/21 Anytime
02/01/21    Anytime Monday 02/01/21 Anytime
02/02/21    Anytime Tuesday 02/02/21 Anytime
02/03/21    Anytime Wednesday 02/03/21 Anytime
02/04/21    Anytime Thursday 02/04/21 Anytime
02/05/21    Anytime Friday 02/05/21 Anytime
02/06/21    Anytime Saturday 02/06/21 Anytime
02/07/21    Anytime Sunday 02/07/21 Anytime
02/08/21    Anytime Monday 02/08/21 Anytime
02/09/21    Anytime Tuesday 02/09/21 Anytime
02/10/21    Anytime Wednesday 02/10/21 Anytime
02/11/21    Anytime Thursday 02/11/21 Anytime
02/12/21    Anytime Friday 02/12/21 Anytime
02/13/21    Anytime Saturday 02/13/21 Anytime